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<br>With more than 40 partners, more than 300 lawyers and assistants,the Dispute Resolution Commissionmay be one of the largest dispute resolution teams in China. The members are senior lawyers with pro-found knowledge, abundant practical experiences and proficient litigation skills, among which there areformer judges, police officers, procurators, as well as arbitrators and law professors who can assist in theconsultation of cases according to the needs of the case, with a view to providing the legal services ofhighest quality to our clients. In the face of various litigation and arbitration cases involving different legalissues, Hiways' lawyers by virtue of their excellent professional abilities, provide the clients with practica-ble solutions. With more than 25 years of experiences in the feld of domestic and cross-border litigationand dispute resolution, we can provide clients at home and abroad with the strongest support in disputeresolution.<br>

<br>Hiways' dispute resolution services involve civil, commercial, administrative, criminal, foreign-relate andother areas. Meanwhile, we have made excellent achievements in real estate dispute, labor dispute, marriage and family matters and other subdivided areas areas。 With our professional ability and rigorous andresponsible service attitude, we use our best effort to handle each case。 Whether it is a simple case withclear legal facts or a complex case involving multiple sectors of law, our team will develop the appropriatelegal service strategy and demonstrate the most appropriate plan, in order to get the best results for thecase Litigation and arbitration involve a wide range of procedural requirements, and we provide the mostdirect and effcient legal services to our clients from their point of view, saving them the cost of disputeresolution<br>

<br>Hiways lawyers have been involved in a number of legislative projects, and dozens of partners and lawyershave served as judges of peoples courts at all levels or arbitrators of arbitration institutions, which isconducive to our more accurate grasp of the court or arbitration institutions of the legal application ofideas, to maximize the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the parties。 Hiways lawyershave participated in many legislation programs, and many our partners and lawyers have experiences asjudges or arbitrators, which help us to analyze precisely the method of the court or arbitration institutionin the application of law, so as to safeguard our client's legal rights and interests to the maximum extentIn addition to setting up several offices in the United States, Hiways is also a member of TAGLaw, an in-ternationally renowned legal union, and has close cooperation with many internationally renowned inter-national lawyer institutions, which is conducive to coordination, cooperation and joint representation ofdomestic and overseas litigation and arbitration cases, providing appropriate solutions for domestic andforeign client.<br>

<br>Over the past 25 years, Hiways has handled thousands of dispute resolution cases of litigation and arbi-tration, and as the lawyer representing multinational companies, large state-owned enterprises, privateenterprises and financial institutions, we have participated in many major litigation and arbitration cases。many of which have caused a sensation at home and abroad, and become a typical case of judicial trial.<br>