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Corporate Compliance is a key business priority for us, including: Market transactions。safety and environmental protection, product quality, labor, fnance and taxes, intellec-tual property rights, business partners, etc

Merger and reorganization are also a key business priority of us。 We have a group ofsenior lawyers, who in cooperation with labor law, IP law and investment and fnancinglawyers, may provide customized and professional legal services for enterprises。 Thus,we may effectively improve the management effciency, promote the healthy operationand strictly check the legal issues for enterprises, so as to reduce unnecessary adminis-trative penalties, civil liabilities and criminal liabilities, as well as other legal risks thatmay have material adverse effect on the clients business

Bankruptcy and liquidation services involves a variety of complicated issues。 We canprovide enterprises with full-process legal services from bankruptcy fling to the com-pletion of the bankruptcy process。 Hiways is the manager of enterprise bankruptcycases certifed by Shanghai High People's Court and has undertaken a large number ofbankruptcy reorganization and liquidation cases。 We can represent creditors, debtorsand other legal entities in applying to the people's court for bankruptcy, bankruptcy ad-ministration, bankruptcy settlement, bankruptcy restructuring, compulsory liquidationand other work。 Insolvency and liquidation lawyers are proficient in various laws andregulations, and can make comprehensive consideration of the complex business factors involved in the process of bankruptcy and reorganization and seek the fastest andmost effective solution

e have entered into perennial legal service agreement with thousands of companies,ncluding medium-sized and large state-owned enterprises, finance and securities in-stitutions, foreign-invested enterprises, real estate enterprises, high-tech enterprises,nvestment companies, etc。 Currently, Corporate Commerce Dept is under increasngly rapid and steady growth


  • Corporate governance

  • Bankruptcy& liquidation

  • M& A and reorganization

  • Chain Store& Franchise