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The Corporate & Business Committee of Hiways is composed of many elites from famous universities domestically and internationally in the field of company and business. With solid theoretical foundation, good professional quality and rich practical experience, they focus on studying the cutting-edge and difficult legal issues in legal practice of corporate and business. Especially, many lawyers have served as legal experts in the field of corporate and business in various arbitration institutions, lawyer associations and legal research institutions nationwide, and provided professional guidance to students of many law schools throughout the year.


With more than 20 years of experience, the Corporate & Business Committee of Hiways provides enterprises with systematic solutions from company establishment to compliance operations, risk control, equity incentives, shareholder disputes, and even equity exit, providing enterprises with effective legal support for long-term development of foundation; In additional, by focusing on the enterprise’s domestic and overseas commercial activities, we also provide transaction plan and contract design, negotiation and closing, transaction filing and approval, financing and investment, as well as scale development, and have became the most trusted professional consultant for business management.


As one of the core business of Hiways, the Corporate & Business Committee has won lots of awards such as “ALB’s Top 50 Asia Pacific Law Firm”, “Top 30 Law Firms in China”, Chamber’s “Asia Leading/First-class Law Firm in the Field of Corporate /Business”, Annual Best Legal Advisor of Shanghai Equity Investment Association (PEAS), and have been widely recognized and praised by the industry.


Hiways’s clients served by the Corporate & Business Committee include Fortune 500 enterprises, state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, financial institutions, high-tech enterprises and investment companies, covering variety of fields such as finance, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, real estate, communication, modern agriculture, wholesale, retail, logistics, warehousing, tourism, catering, internet, culture, entertainment, and so on.

Business scope:

  • Perennial legal advisor

  • Company governance and equity management

  • Enterprise compliance system

  • Domestic and overseas mergers and acquisitions

  • Company financing and investment

  • Commercial transactions and contracts

  • Company dissolution, bankruptcy and liquidation