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In the feld of trade remedy, Hiways has one of the strongest professional teams in China. In the past two decades, Hiways lawyers have represented Chinese enterprises in response to100+ cases of anti-dumping and countervailing investigations by foreign authorities includingthe US, the EU, Brazil, Canada and other regions In addition, Hiways is well-known for representing Chinese enterprises to file petitions asserting anti-dumping and countervailing claims,and it is the only law firm recommended by Chambers in both responding and petitioning.

Customs service is an icon of Hiways, which have earned us a good reputation in the industry and among clients because of our professional competence and skills in dealing with legalissues。 The Customs International Business Transaction Team is led by one of our senior partners, who has extensive experiences in import/export, customs and commodity inspection.and is supported by veteran customs legal experts with decades of experiences in customs af-fairs. Over the years, our client base covers the Fortune 500 companies, prestigious transnational corporations, international accounting firms and law firms, large state-owned enterpris-es, etc. We have established"No. 1" reputation in many practice areas.

Hiways helps a large number of foreign clients dealing with their trade and investment affairs in China. In many cases, we get involved from the time our clients determine their investmentintentions, helping them conduct due diligence, participating in business negotiations, draftingor modifying legal documents, and handling company incorporation and related matters. Afterwards, we also serve as the company's perennial legal counsel to prevent and mitigate legal andother risks in our day-to-day operations. In recent years, we have assisted many Chinese cli-ents in"going global", developing overseas investment strategies and processes for them, fnd-ing and identifying suitable third-party service providers, reviewing various contract docu-ments, and playing the role as general counsel for their "going global".

In the financial sector, we have helped foreign clients enter the Chinese fnancial service marketand helped Chinese clients raise capital from abroad. In addition, the composite backgroundof our team helps us to analyze and address the trade or investment challenges in an overalland comprehensive manner, and plan for tax matters.

It is our strength to resolve conflicts and deal with disputes effectively through various means.Typically, the heads of International Business Department and Dispute Resolution Department carefully review each case to fnd the most competent lawyer and the most effective solution.Among our colleagues are former judges, police officers, procurators, and arbitrators and law school professors, who are always available to be involved in the cases and assist in diagonosing the cases, with a view to providing the best possible services to our clients.