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<br>Hiways Law Firm combines the advantages of its head offce and branches at home and abroad, estab-lishes a team of professionals with strong expertise, proficient in engergy law, natural resources law andenvironment law, so as to provide full-process legal services for the energy, natural resources and envi-onment projects carried out by the clients both in China and overseas.<br>

<br>In China, the nuclear, wind, solar and other energy industries have the characteristics that the investorsare diversifed, the policies are of high uncertainty, there are many interference factors in the environ-ment, etc。, and may face relatively large legal risks in the respects of project approval/fling, land use, f-nancing, grid connection, electricity price, subsidy acquisition, equity transfer, project construction, dis-pute resolution, etc。 The professional services provided by lawyers may effectively prevent, identify, con-trol and resolve the risks and disputes, and escort the smooth development of the projects。 Hiways pro-vides its clients from home and abroad with profession legal support in the held of energy and resourcesservices, covering comprehensive legal services from due diligence of investment destination and targetproject, acquisition of franchise, engineering development and construction, to project M&A, listing andfnancing, and involving the sectors of hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, solar power, petroleum,natural gas, LNG, CBM, coal, gold mine and other kinds of mines.<br>

<br>In recent years, the companies have come under increasing regulatory and public pressure to address theenvironmental impact of their operations. Over the years, Hiways lawyers have handled a wide range ofenvironmental issues for domestic and foreign clients, including project development, impact assessment。approval and license, climate change, product cycle analysis, due diligence, risk management and disputeresolution, and have been involved in a wide range of environmental projects, including water, sewagetreatment and discharge, watershed management, river management, water drainage projects, etcHiways not only has the ability to provide environmental administrative licensing, HSE compliance review,due diligence, investment and financing, construction, M&A, listing, refinancing of environmental projects,environmental non-profnt foundation incorporation and operation, asset securitization and other environ-mental-related non-litigation legal matters, but also has a wealth of practical experiences in dealing withenvironmental public interest litigation, administrative review and administrative litigation, civil litigationand arbitration.<br>