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The following areas of expertise are covered

Hiways has been instrumental in the projects of preparation of numerous enterprises involving Initial Public Offerings(IPOs) for domestic and overseas companies, ref nancing and major assetsrestructuring projects(including back-door listing) of listed companies。 Hiways has accumulatedrich experiences and with excellent performance。 In particular, Hiways has become one of Chinasmost recognized legal service providers in the feld of overseas listing on markets including UnitedStates, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, to name just a few.

NEEQ listing is the core business of Hiways Securities Commission。 We have successfully assistedmore than 100 enterprises to complete the NEEQ listing, and assisted a number of listed enter-prises to make private placement as well as merger and reorganization。 In the regional equity trading market, we have been rated by the shanghai Equity Exchange as the " Law Firm Completingthe Most Listing Projects, The diligence and conscientiousness of Hiways' lawyers in issuing thelegal opinions has won the respect and recognition of the clients.

Hiways is the leader in fund related legal services。 We are involved in the establishment, flingcompliance audit, equity investment of a large number of funds, and also participated in the registration and fling as well as major changes of fund managers。 We have been widely recognized andpraised in the peers with our excellent competence and outstanding performance, Hiways is notonly an outstanding legal service provider in traditional private equity funds and venture capital,but also an innovator and true pioneer in providing legal services relating to real estate privatequity funds.

Hiways have also assisted various clients(including listed companies, state-owned enterprisesand private enterprises)in completing a wide range of corporate bond issuance, including publicofferings not directed at specifc objects, as well as public and non-public offerings directed atspecifc objects.

ABS transaction is complex and involves multiple parties, Years of experiences have enabledHiways to develop a mature legal service procedure, so that we may provide one-stop servicesranging from plan designing, document review to giving legal opinion, which makes us stand outin the securities sector.


  • Domestic& overseas listing

  • Bond issue

  • Asset-Backed Securitization(ABS)

  • Refinancing

  • Public/ private equity funds

  • NEEQ services