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  • PhD (UK) LL.M (UK) LL.M (China) LL.B (China)

    Managing Partner of Hiways Law Firm Beijing

    Postgraduate Tutor in Law School Tsinghua University

    Member of Legal Affairs Committee China TV Drama Production Industry Association(CTPIA)

    Expert Member of Legal Talent of China’s Film and Television Industry

    Member of Beijing Cultural and Entertainment Law Society

    Arbitrator in Changsha Arbitration Commission(CSAC)

    Dr. Shen finished his Chinese law undergraduate and postgraduate education in China with an LL.M in International Law and an LL.B in Law, and then lived in the UK more than 10 years. Dr. Shen received his second LL.M degree in International and European Business Law (Merit) with full scholarship, and became the first Chinese people successfully received PhD in International Economic Law at the University of Leeds with full scholarship.

    In the UK, Dr. Shen worked as senior consultant for Ford & Warren Law Firm, and established a PRC Division in Burton Burton & Ho Solicitors. Dr. Shen was the head of the PRC Division, which deals with China related investment, funding rising and international trade legal affairs, especially in cultural and entertainment industry. Dr. Shen has been well recognized in the legal services industry in the UK. Because of the creative service mode and professional achievements, Dr. Shen has been nominated in the UK for ‘Yorkshire Best Newcomer’ and ‘Best Legal Exporter of the Law Society of England and Wales’.

    During his academic and legal practice work, Dr. Shen has set up extensive contacts and obtained valuable experiences in dealing with international transactions (M&A, FDI, ODI, etc.). With his strength in Chinese law and English legal knowledge, Dr. Shen is involved in various consultancy projects for international clients and oversees the marketing of the China related business opportunities. In the meantime, work closely with Chinese professional team, he has been working for international investment and transnational deals.

    In July 2011, Dr. Michael Shen returned to China to continue his entrepreneurship and established Hiways Law Firm Beijing. Dr. Shen is now the Managing Partner of the firm.
    Dr. Shen’s working languages are English and Chinese.


  • Chinese、English

Parts of Latest Cases:

  • General Legal Counsel for The H Collective, a Hollywood film production company, and for its Films and TV Serious (in progress).
  • An investment project of a Chinese new energy vehicle company to Germany, working as the legal and business consultant
  • An investment and cooperation project between a public listed Shanghai SOE and TECHCERAM UK, including Patent Transfer, investment and JV establishment, working as general legal consultant, in charge of business negotiation, transaction structure, contract drafting, and organization structure design etc.
  • Biodas Technology Ltd Tianjin China Legal and investment Consultant for the patent transfer and direct investment with a Germany enterprise
  • Biodas Technology Ltd Tianjin China Legal Consultant for M&A financing overseas for Patents
  • Legal Consultant for a state-owned energy enterprise in investment and carbon trade in England and European market.
  • Investment and legal consultant for a Beijing international trade company for the project of investment across the Middle East
  • iA Architects UK Business and Legal Consultant, advising on investment operation, including market exploration, local partner selection, contract negotiations and signing, project executive, etc.
  • PDS Design & Build Business and Legal Consultant for Chinese market, advising on investment operation, including market exploration, location and partner selection, JV structure and corporation setup, labour and employment, etc.
  • FORD&WARREN LAW FIRM UK Market development of Chinese market, advising on market strategy, setting up the law firm alliance in China, investigating cooperation model between Chinese and English law markets, project matching
  • KAL Design UK Foreign direct investment project, setting up WOFE in China.
  • Parisian Textiles UK Business and Legal Consultant of the merger project
  • Center of Technology and Industry in the University of Leeds Business and Legal Consultant of corporating in China and patent registration
  • Prestigious Textiles Legal Consultant of foreign direct investment in China
  • Scalerail Legal Consultant of foreign direct investment in China
  • MULTIBRANDS INTERNATIONAL UK Legal compliance in investment according to Chinese laws and regulations.
  • BELLEN CHEM UK Legal Consultant of setting up a JV in Shanghai China
  • A&K Group USA Legal Consultant of investment project with Beidahuang Group
  • iEMI International Education Germany Legal Consultant of the project for Sino-Foreign cooperation in education
  • AbdolKhalegh Deilami UAE Legal Consultant for investing in China
  • A Dubai trading company Legal Consultant for setting up a company in China, including market and local selection, company’s structure, incentive mechanism and so on
  • A Iran trading company Export of sulfur from Iran, advising on business negotiation, transaction structure and procedures
  • ARCA Beijing and ARCA Germany Legal Consultant of German and Chinese shareholder disputes
  • Australian Education Assessment Services Pty Ltd General legal consultant in China
  • LG Group legal consultant for the stock right acquisition project
  • Resources Investment (H.K.) Limited Legal consultant for investment project, including due diligence, transaction structure design and general legal consultant
  • Mingya Insurance Brokers Limited Legal consultant for American venture investment project
  • BEAUTYMED France Legal consultant for tort dispute in China
  • Creativekingdom Cultural Development Legal consultant for foreign direct investment in China

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