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  • Dr. Cuimei Zhang received her Ph.D. in law from the Centre for Legal Theory Fellow in Jilin University where she focused on the research of legal theory, and was a postdoctoral scholar in philosophy at the Heilongjiang University. She is a professor and master supervisor in School of Humanities of Donghua University (former China Textile University) and builds her teaching career mainly on jurisprudence, intellectual property law, contract law, etc. Dr. Zhang is a visiting scholar of Auckland University in New Zealand and University of California, San Diego in America; member of Shanghai young legal talent database since 2018; project research leader of Social Science Fund, Ministry of Education Special Project, Ministry of Justice Youth Project, National Postdoctoral Fund, Provincial Education Reform Project, etc. Dr. Zhang has two academic monographs published; her over 10 papers published on CSSCI search journals such as Legal Business Research, Legal Science and Learning and Exploration. Dr. Zhang has systematic knowledge structure of law and deep understanding of legal theories, particularly being proficient at civil and commercial law, contract law, intellectual property law, and tort law. Dr. Zhang has a good command of critical thinking and analysing ability and has professional skills of lawyers, brilliant social communication skills, strong conscientiousness and the power of determined will. Dr. Zhang is also very keen on great challenges, and always be curious about any potential new area. Dr. Zhang serves as an agent of intellectual property processes such as trademarks (registration, rejection of re-examination, objection, invalidation declaration, license filing, etc), and participates in online/offline legal rights protection affairs for several brands such as Paul Frank, Ningbo Fuda Blade, Borui Runxing Submarine Floor Drain, Sp-68 Magic Pants, etc. Dr. Zhang also accepted the cases of Franchising Contract Disputes in relation to trademark licensing, such as Wucha-Tea, IFchá, LuyeTea, etc. In the process of cases, owing to her brilliant communication skills, adaptability, and rigorous manner, vast damages and millions of losses of the clients are perfectly prevented. Her tremendous legal skills and professionalism not only received high ranks from the clients, but highly praised by the industry.


  • Chinese、English


  • Ph.D, Jilin University

Area of Practice

  • Civil and Commercial Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Company Law

Representative Cases

  • Litigation for trademark rights and interests protection for Sp-68 Magic Pants;
  • Litigation for franchising Contract Disputes in related to trademark licensing for Wucha-Tea, IFchá, and LuyeTea;
  • Litigation for contract dispute related to commercial housing sales;
  • Accepted the case of intellectual property layout and operation planning for an eco-environment limited company;
  • Accepted the case of trademark right protecting and brand planning for a popular clothing enterprise in Hangzhou;
  • Accepted the case of a loan contract dispute for investors related to civil-criminal cross;
  • Accepted the case of rights protection, capital withdrawal and share withdrawal for the corporate shareholders.

Selected Publications

  • On Citizenship Identity, Beijing: Chinese Political Science and Law University Press, 2013, ISBN 9787562048589, monograph;
  • On Robert Nozick’ Entitlement Justice Theory, Beijing: Science Press, 2009, ISBN 9787030251237, monograph;
  • Kelsen’s Theory of Law and Philosophy of Justice, Seeking Truth (CSSCI), 2019(3), written by Jes Bjarup from Sweden, translated by Dr. Cuimei Zhang;
  • Can Logic be Applied to Norms? ——Rethinking the Terminal Normative Logic Theory of Kelsen, Legal Business Research (CSSCI),2017(5);
  • Study on Operation Dilemmas of Enterprise Patent Pool and Its Countermeasures, Academic Communication (CSSCI), 2017(2);
  • The Reflection on Modernity and the Current Transformation of China, Learning and Exploration (CSSCI), 2016(10);
  • "Ruling the Country by Law" and the Construction of a Government Ruled by Law under Chinese Context, Jianghan Forum(CSSCI), 2015(5);
  • What legal analysis should be, Legal Science(CSSCI), 2007(7).

Social Appointments

  • Member of the 8th Council of the Jurisprudence Research Association of China Law Society.
  • Part-time researcher, comparative research centre of civil society and rule of law development, East China University of political science and law.

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