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Nan Su

ShanghaiSenior Partner(Limited Equity )


  • Lawyer Nan Su is major in economic law, a bachelor of law graduated from the Fudan University. After graduation, Ms. Su was a project manager of Investment Banking Department of Wantong Group; an investment manager of Shanghai Hongsheng Technology Co.Ltd (A-share listed company); an assistant director of Shanghai Hiways Yongtai Law Firm; the partner and deputy director of Shanghai Guangming law firm. Ms. Su founded Shanghai Fengjin Lihe Faw Firm in 2016 and served as the senior partner and the director. Mrs. Su returned to Shanghai Hiways Yongtai Law Firm in May 2020.

    Ms. Su works on comprehensive legal affairs for several years, and working brilliantly on both litigation and non-litigation cases for companies. In terms of non-litigation cases, Ms. Su is expert in financial securities, insurance trust, foreign investment, M & A of enterprises, company law, real estate and infrastructure affairs. In the area of financial securities insurance, Ms. Su has accumulated rich experience and social relationships. There are many related cases accepted, including M & A of enterprises, reorganization, increase of shares of listed companies, additional issuance and enterprise financing business. She had been serving as the exclusive legal advisor to Cathay Pacific World Bank for eight years, and accepted several engineering construction cases for Jiangsu Construction Engineering Group since 2010. Ms. Su issued 1.2 billion corporate bonds of Dalian Lushun Construction & Development Investment Co. Ltd in 2012, and has issued many debt plans and trust plans in cooperation with Ping An Group since 2013, such an excellent cooperative relationship has been maintained for a long time. Ms. Su has begun to cooperate with China Telecom (Shanghai branch) since 2019. Concerning traditional works, Ms. Su has accumulated a lot of experience from lots of accepted cases, such as contract disputes, equity disputes, real estate, marriage, inheritance, labor, and criminal affairs. In 2008, her accepted divorce case was selected by Economic and Law Column of CCTV, and made the album: 《The Woman Under the Butterfly Mask》.


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